Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finally...A Dog I love as Much as Pepe!

So...For those of you who have know me for HAVE to remember the greatest dog in the world...PEPE. Well, I loved that dog more than any person should ever love a dog, and when she died it took me YEARS to even look twice at another dog.....that was until I met Hoss The Bulldog! Ed and I have actually talked about getting a bulldog for a few years now, and decided that we would go ahead and do it. After saving a little money from a few of my "parties" I was able to save up enough to buy one. I went to go look at a litter of pups, and there was only 2 males left. As soon as I walked in, there was a pup hanging over the side of the kennel, and just fell in love. I turned to the lady selling them and said, "Please tell me that is one of the males still available." It was!

I was sold, and fell in love with that dog right away. We had to wait a few weeks before we were able to bring him home, and I felt like I did when I was a kid on Christmas Eve.

We finally were able to bring our bulldog home and named him Hoss Cartwright Castello, which fits him perfectly! Everyone I have ever talked to that currently has a bulldog, or owned one in the passed, said that they were the best dogs ever....and I have to agree.

Seth and i really enjoy him. Sometime we will just be sitting in the living room looking at him, and bust out in laughter.

Seth said the cutiest thing this morning. Hoss and Vito (our other dog) were let out to go potty, when hoss was done, he was standing by the door, looking in and Seth said, "How can you look at him, and not fall in love. My thoughts exactly!


Searls Stuff said...

He has a face (and smell) only a mother could love!

Sarah Harward said...

Becca! I'm so excited you have a blog! I think they're the best things when it comes to keeping in touch! I actually remember Pepe, and I'm glad you've found another love!

Maggie, Leslie and G make three! said...

Oh Hoss!! What a cutie!

Kathy said...

Remember when Pepe chewed the door frame in my bathroom in Ohio? and peed on all of Amanda's blanket? what did we call that dog?? was it DeViL DoG? I hope this one is better but you will love it anyway!!

Searls Stuff said...

Okay, enough of the dog already! Post a new entry!